im not playing

did u remember for the 1st time we met
u stared at me
im afraid of u. bcoz your eyes
and then we met at McD
for 3 hours. and then when im hanging out with my frens
i put my note at ur back but u didnt realise it
i cant believe it . when the night , when u with your friends and u said to me
' hey , jgn wat aku jerit kat sini yg aku suka hang '
i wast just smiling , keep pretending nothing happen
but im so happy
so happy.
there are lot thing that i remember
every words every date
all about u
u always ask me.
why am i kept walk on your left
its not because i used to be in left
it because i love the way u suddenly hug me in your arms
feel warm , safe and love .
im try to be ur perfect half girl half guy
i just need ur direction and your map to keep me safely arrive there

p.s - i still wanna on ur left side >.< SLMT ARI RAYA

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